Premium Privacy Fencing Solutions

At Absolute Landscaping, we understand that privacy is paramount. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line privacy fencing solutions designed to provide you with the utmost seclusion, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Superior Construction for Maximum Privacy

Our privacy fences are meticulously constructed to stand the test of time. Here’s what sets our fences apart:

  • Three Horizontal Runners: Each fence is reinforced with three sturdy horizontal runners, ensuring structural integrity and preventing warping over time. This design provides a solid and stable barrier that enhances both privacy and security.
  • Strategically Placed Posts: We install posts at six-foot intervals, providing optimal support and stability. This precise spacing ensures that your fence remains straight and robust.
  • Coated Screws Instead of Nails: Unlike traditional fencing that uses nails, we use coated screws to secure our fence panels. This not only enhances the fence’s longevity by preventing rust and corrosion but also provides a stronger, more reliable hold. Screws offer superior resistance to loosening and are less likely to cause splitting or damage to the wood.

When it comes to privacy, trust Absolute Landscaping to deliver fencing solutions that combine strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Contact us today to discuss your privacy fencing needs and discover how we can help you create the perfect private oasis.

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